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Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine will take place every week day on 'TheTrainingSpace' channel on Youtube. Here is how it works:

1. Watch Session 1 LIVE at 9:45am. The video will also be added to the tabbed section after broadcast. The Session 1 video will introduce the film stimulus and you will receive  a remarkable writing demonstration from Jane as she articulates the inner workings of a writer.

2. Look at the Session 1 video description box. In the description box you will find a link to the film stimulus (or you can search for the film name on Youtube yourself). The description box will also outline the timings of each of the nine chunks you can choose from for your writing. 

3. Watch the film stimulus and choose your chunk. It is very important that when you come to write that they only write about your chosen chunk as outlined by Jane. 

4. Write 9 sentences about your chosen chunk. Also, try to include the writing challenges Jane has set in the Session 1 video to enhance your writing and develop your skills as a writer.

5. (Optional) If you wish, you can send your writing into Jane by 12:30pm each day via the 'TheTrainingSpace' Twitter or Facebook page using the #SuperSentenceStackers. Remember to include:  your name, age and chosen chunk number at the top of the page.

6. Watch Session 2 LIVE at 3:30pm. Jane will have selected her favourite entries and will have stitched them together to create 'The Nation's Story'. Your writing may have even been picked! The video will also be added to the tabbed section after broadcast. 

7. Repeat the process every week day. Follow the process every week day to improve and refine your writing skills. But, even if you don't join in LIVE, you can still use the previous video sessions (found using the tabs at the right-hand side) for additional writing fun and practice.