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Pursue Possibilities

Love Learning

We meet in the evenings approximately every four to six weeks. The meetings are relaxed and friendly, always with a cup of tea or coffee, and last around two hours. We run through events and what needs planning.

Everyone can give as little or as much time as they have to offer. It might be half an hour setting up tables and chairs for an evening’s event or an hour at a cake sale. Most events are held just after school or in the evening so your children can come along as part of the fun.

Behind the scenes we need help with distributing posters, finding sponsors or prizes, planning games or organizing refreshments. If you have a new idea bring it to the meeting to talk over.

We all have mixed experiences so everyone brings something different to the group. We fit what events we can into the year giving consideration to parents, pupils, FORAS and staff commitments.

We have a great relationship working alongside the Headteacher and staff, who give us advice and assistance where needed. We can also help at school events as an extra pair of hands.

If you or a friend, spouse or grandparent want to help at one-off events you would be very welcome.

We also have a Community Action Team who are friends of the School who can give some of their professional skills or time with specific projects, such as carpenters, gardeners, architects, builders or class helpers.   For more information click on the Community Action Team page on the right.