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Primary School

Pursue Possibilities

Love Learning

Our Vision and the Values which drive us.

pursue possibilities; love learning

At Robert Arkenstall, children thrive in a happy, safe community of learners. Our school is set in the heart of the village of Haddenham, within the Fen landscape of Cambridgeshire and draws on its long heritage of access to learning for all children.

Staff here focus regularly on the values which underpin our school vision. It is very important to us that we help children understand our values explicitly and ensure that our curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities to consider what values are important in our community.

Our values are Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Self-Belief, Courage and Empathy. Each half term there will be assemblies to explore these values.

Staff and Governors of Robert Arkenstall regularly review our vision to ensure we offer the best possible inspiration to life-long learning and possibilities.

Our revised vision, to ensure we focus on the broader possibilities of our world for the children’s learning, now states:

It is the aim of Robert Arkenstall Primary School to provide a broad curriculum and education of the highest quality within a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment, which enables each child to experience success; to equip them with skills as thoughtful, caring and active citizens eager to explore the possibilities of their world.

When reflecting on our school’s strengths and challenges we identified four key drivers for our vision for the school in our context:


This is a strength at the heart of our school life. We take pride in our school community. We identify with the people and location around about us. We welcome others into our school community and participate socially as widely as we can within in and from it.


Our school believes in a rich enquiry based curriculum, which values hands on, pupil directed learning across all aspects of the curriculum including strengths in music, the arts, sport and outdoor learning. Our pupils tell us that their most memorable learning experiences are of active and outdoor lessons.


Our school encourages and supports an understanding of self, which builds good self-esteem and constructive attitudes to learning. We clearly promote moral truth and justice. We seek to make children aware of the many spiritual elements within our lives, through rich experiences and encounters.


We believe our pupils will benefit from a wider appreciation of the world. All children should be ambitious and nurture an imaginative sense of what it is possible for them to achieve. Pupils should have opportunities to relate to others from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our Motto pursue possibilities; love learning encapsulates the vision for us and helps the children to identify clearly with it. Throughout school, the motto is displayed and is used on communications to encourage everyone within our community to measure their actions and achievements against this ‘yardstick.’

The School Vision will be met by;

  • Providing an environment where learning is supported and valued, in which continuity and progression are ensured through focused planning and teaching, and where each child feels secure, happy and safe
  • Having high expectations of all pupils to ensure an inclusive curriculum that enables each child to fulfil their potential, recognise their own values and achievements and celebrate the values, skills and talents of others
  • Developing in all pupils a positive attitude towards themselves, their work, their school and to the community and world around them
  • Encouraging the involvement of parents, governors and the community in the school through open and positive dialogue
  • All staff having high expectations of themselves while being encouraged and supported to develop professionally and contribute fully to the life of the school
  • Embracing the aims of "Every Child Matters" which for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, has the support they need to:
  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being

We aim to provide an environment that challenges children, makes demands of them and encourages them to make demands of themselves. In return, we aim to give each child the mechanisms to meet those challenges and the confidence to do so.