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The School Day, Opening Times, Entrances

Whilst social distancing measures are still  in place, we will be operating staggered start and finish times, as well as different entry and exit points. There will be adults at every gate to ensure your child is confident about where to go. For Year 3 coming into KS2 for the first time we will have lots of adult help available as they arrive and leave.

We would like to encourage families to walk to school or to use a ‘Park and Stride’ approach to travelling to school. If you are unable to walk the whole journey to school, please park a short distance away and walk the remaining distance. Possible places to park include the recreation ground, The Arkenstall Centre.

All Key Stage 2 children will use the main KS2 gate.

If you have a Key Stage 1 and a Key Stage 2 child, please drop off your eldest child first at the main KS2 gate and then walk to the Key Stage 1 playground.

Once your Key Stage 2 child has come through the gate, they will be directed straight to their new classroom in order to wash their hands, go to the cloakroom and start their morning work. There will be no playing allowed on the playground before school starts.

When collecting your child at the end of the day, please collect your youngest children first.

Year 3/4 - 3.15pm

Year 5/6 - 3.20pm

Key Stage 1 / EYFS entry times - Comet / Moon 8.45-9:00am, Sun / Star 9.00-9.10am

Please follow the one way system up the ramp to the Key Stage 1 playground. You will then be directed to wait in the correct line for your child’s class. Please drop off your child at the door with their teacher and leave following the one way system.

If you have more than one child in Early Years or Key Stage 1, please drop off your eldest child first and then move to join the next class line.

When collecting your child at the end of the day, please collect your youngest child first.

Sun / Star - 3.00pm

Comet / Moon - 3.10pm

In order to keep you and your children safely socially distanced, we politely ask that you exit the area around the KS2 gates and KS1 playground as promptly as possible.

The following diagram shows the pattern for dropping of and picking up children in Key Stage 1. Please drop your children of at the relevant door, then walk along the edge of the building to the end of the playground and down the ramp. If the queue is longer than the marker, then please line up on the opposite side of the markers rather than along the edge of the playground by the trees. 

If you have a child in more than one class, please take your child to the earliest time slot and then go around the loop to line up for the second child.

Late to collect

Occasionally parents are a few minutes late to collect children due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic delays etc. Do always ring/email ahead to let us know you will be late,  if you can, but don't worry,  we will keep children who are waiting in the reception area with adult supervision. The same would apply if we have to cancel an after-school club but you are unable to make alternative arrangements in the time available.

This does not affect our duty of care to inform social care if a child is not collected and we cannot contact a known adult within the permitted period of time of 45 minutes according to our protocol for children not collected from school.