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Pupil premium is funding, from the government, provided to schools for supporting particular pupils to ensure they are not disadvantaged due to financial or family circumstances and are supported in achieving their full potential. The following children qualify for Pupil Premium Funding:

  1. Children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) or who have been at any point in the last 6 years
  2. Looked after children, adopted or in special guardianship.
  3. Children whose parents serve in the armed forces or who have in the last 4 years.

Each school is responsible for deciding how to allocate the Pupil Premium funding.


  1. We seek to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils.
  2. We seek to ensure that all pupils are enabled to develop socially, emotionally, creatively and academically and that no child is disadvantaged through a lack of financial resource.
  3. We recognise that children who are allocated Pupil Premium are a diverse group with a wide range of academic and pastoral needs.
  4. Pupil premium funding will be spent with the aim of ensuring that the progress of PP children is at least ‘good’ in English and Maths.


The range of provision the staff and Governors consider making for this group include:

  1. Ensuring current good practice in ‘Giving effective Feedback’ and ‘Developing awareness of Attitudes to Learning’ are consolidated and developed, involving parents.
  2. Ensuring all PP children are known to staff and that their progress is monitored regularly and timely action taken.
  3. Providing 1-1 and small group work with an experienced teacher focused on overcoming gaps in learning.
  4. Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through learning mentors, trained TAs or external agencies.
  5. Funding may be spent on ensuring teaching resources and progress monitoring resources support best practice in quality first teaching and are effectively used throughout the school.
  6. Funding may be spent on specific management hours for a lead teacher to monitor Pupil Premium effectiveness.
  7. Funding may be spent on Staff Development and Training or provision of pastoral support.
  8. In addition, the school recognises that the wider curriculum supports and enriches children’s social, emotional and academic development and therefore funding may be allocated to enable children to participate fully and actively in wider and extra-curricular activities.
  9. Provision will not be aimed at statemented children as funding for need is already in place.


  1. It will be the responsibility of the Headteacher, or a delegated member of staff, to report to the Governors on:
    • The progress of PP children;
    • An outline of the interventions PP funded
    • An evaluation of the cost effectiveness and impact of the provision in terms of the progress made by the pupils receiving a particular provision.

The Governors will ensure that there is an annual statement to parents on how the Pupil Premium funding has been used and its effectiveness. This task will be carried out within the requirements published by the Department for Education and will appear on our school website.

Please click on the relevant document to read our current and past impact plans.