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Primary School

Pursue Possibilities

Love Learning

Our School Vision and Values


pursue possibilities; love learning

We want to equip our children with attitudes, values, knowledge and skills to be caring and active citizens eager to explore the possibilities of their world. 

We live this vision through our values and through our whole school curriculum design. 

Our values are Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Self-Belief, Courage and Empathy. Our values are integrated throughout school life, in our lessons and in our play. We regularly explore these values in assemblies and celebrations of achievement. We share successes widely through our newsletters and website and other digital platforms ensuring parents and carers are partners in our endeavours. 

We take pride in our school community and deal kindly and honestly with each other, teaching pro-social skills. We identify with the people and location around about us. We welcome partners into our school community and participate socially as widely as we can within in and from it. Children learn respect from such encounters, are inspired by the courage of others and learn to measure their own successes as part of a collaboration with others. 

Our school believes in creating an environment of care, courage and curiosity where rich and deep learning happens. Learning, which is both academic and social, establishing deep knowledge which allows children to build upon prior learning and explore connections whilst also learning how to collaborate, the resilience required to gain confidence and self belief, and the shared joy of achieving goals both personal and collective.

Our Values Support us to Achieve our School Aims
To provide an education which develops the child: intellectually, academically, physically, socially, emotionally, culturally and morally.
To provide a rich stimulating curriculum that promotes high expectations and secures high standards through engaging, interactive, and stimulating programmes of study.
To provide an environment where each child is valued as an individual with unique skills and talents and is made to feel special and unique. 
To encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning and be encouraged to achieve their potential.
To offer a local/global connected and creative curriculum where children are encouraged to take care of and appreciate the world and the people around them. 
To provide a broad-based curriculum, including delivery of the National Curriculum:

  • Which secures high attainment in the core skills of reading, writing, maths, and science
  • In addition to securing good knowledge and skills in the foundations subjects including humanities as well as cultural knowledge and skills in sport, art, music and drama
  • To develop the ability to think critically - observe, question, collaborate, hypothesise and solve problems
  • To develop communication and pro-social skills including managing emotions and speaking confidently to an audience

To build a strong sense of a learning community based on positive communication and effective partnerships between home and school.
To encourage and expect parents to take an active role in their child's learning in school and support their child's learning at home.
To celebrate the rich diversity of our community, to be inclusive and to promote respect and tolerance of all religions, cultures and backgrounds.  

We aim to provide an environment that challenges children, makes demands of them and encourages them to make demands of themselves. In return, we aim to give each child the mechanisms to meet those challenges and the confidence to do so.