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At Robert Arkenstall we aim to encourage an enthusiasm for learning other languages in children, as well as enhance their understanding of etymology and grammar. Languages are taught on a two year cycle, French and Spanish in Years 3 and 4, and Latin and French in Year 5 and 6.

In KS2 we aim to develop the following essential characteristics of linguists:

  • The confidence to speak with good intonation and pronunciation
  • Fluency in reading
  • Fluency and imagination in writing
  • An awareness of the culture of the countries where the language is spoken
  • A passion for languages
  • The ability to use language spontaneously and creatively
  • Independent learning and the ability to draw upon a wide range of resources

French is taught using the Rigolo resources from the Oxford University Press and Latin is taught using Minimus, is a unique Latin course for younger children. It's based on a real family who lived at Vindolanda in 100AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their three children, assorted household slaves, their cat Vibrissa - and Minimus the mouse! You can click the mouse below for more information and fun resources to use at home! exspectatissimi estis!

The children can explore languages further using the website below, which has traditional tales, stories and poems in different languages.


Image result for french word art