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Parents, carers and families are by far the most important influences in a child's life. Their support can play a vital role at all stages of education.

Parents who take on a supportive role in their children’s learning make a difference in improving achievement and behaviour. There are many ways in which you can support your child in their learning journey, including: 

  • Regular reading at home- we recommend that your child reads for a minimum of 10 minutes every evening. At the beginning of the year, children from Year 1-4, are given a reading record which contains useful tips to support reading at home. It is important that you complete this every time they read so their teachers can keep track of how often children are reading. Children in KS2 will complete a quiz on their reading book before selecting a new one. 
  • Practising times tables: this is very important in all years, but especially in KS2. In year 4 children will take a statutory times tables assessment. You can support your child by practising their designated times tables every day. Children can also access 'Times Tables Rockstars' at home. This website is specially developed to help them prepare for the times tables assessment. 
  • Regular spelling practise: it is important that your child regularly practices their spellings for the week/fortnight. These will either be sent home or uploaded to spelling shed for your child to practice. They will be assessed in class. 
  • Maths: developing number confidence and a positive attitude to maths have a crucial impact on a child’s schooling and their ability to use numbers in everyday life as they grow.  Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving numbers and measuring, such as shopping, cooking and travelling. 
  • Class Dojo-check Class Dojo regularly to get updates on what your child is learning. If you have any questions about how you can help at home, please get in touch with your child's teacher on Class Dojo.