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At Robert Arkenstall we aim to encourage an enthusiasm for learning another language. French is the main language which is taught in KS2, in line with local secondary schools. In addition to this, pupils have the opportunity to experience other languages in a variety of different contexts. Year 5 and 6 have even been learning some Latin as part of their topic on Romans.

In KS2 we aim to develop the following essential characteristics of linguists:

  • The confidence to speak with good intonation and pronunciation
  • Fluency in reading
  • Fluency and imagination in writing
  • A strong awareness of the culture of the countries where the language is spoken
  • A passion for languages
  • The ability to use language spontaneously and creatively
  • Independent learning and the ability to draw upon a wide range of resources

We will shortly be introducing the children to a new website we have just subscribed to, which has traditional tales, stories and poems in different languages.  You can have a look at it from the link below.


Image result for french word art