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Welcome children to the remote learning area.

To the right of the page you will find lots of useful tabs ---------->

Each tab will take you to a different subject/resource page. On each page you will find awesome activities you can take part in at home. It's important to keep your education moving forward as much as you possibly can whilst schools are closed. Keep coming back as the pages are updated regularly with new things!

Top tips for you during school closure: 

1. Establish a routine to your day just like our daily timetable in school. You may even like to make a visual timetable so that you plan your day out and use your time wisely. 

2. Keep active as much as you possibly can. Being indoors for long periods and not being able to play with your friends can be difficult. Exercise helps to keep our body and mind fit. 

3. Balance your day out with different subjects so that you're progressing all areas of the curriculum along. A little bit of reading, writing, maths with some science or history etc. 

4. Remember to social distance. Not seeing your friends will be hardest of all but your strength in doing this will really help! Perhaps you could video chat your friends instead or use email. 

5. Show your teachers as much of your home learning as you can using the online portals we have provided. Your teachers can't wait to see what you have been up!