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Being a good e-citizen is an important part of learning in our school - teaching children to be safe and responsible online. Technology is wonderful, and used appropriately can have many benefits. All staff, Governors and volunteers sign an acceptable use agreement and we work hard to ensure the children understand their responsibilities too.

It is helpful if parents read and understand the Acceptable Use Agreements and discuss e-safety issues with their children too. (See our online  safety advice on the Our Learning pages.)

The children also routinely use other digital technology in school and are taught to treat equipment, and the purposes for which they use them, with respect.

As part of our Computing and ICT curriculum , the children will be discussing and signing an acceptable use agreement for all digital technology in school. The agreement in KS1 and KS2 are age appropriate and help the children reflect on how to stay safe, what to do if they are worried by something they see or read and to consider the impact they can have on others. 

The agreements they read / sign are detailed below:

KS2 Acceptable Use Agreement

  • I will not send any messages that could be unkind or could upset anyone else. I’m aware that all information sent and received through Starz is recorded.
  • I will use the school’s ICT equipment and tools (including computers, cameras, Starz etc.) for schoolwork and homework.  If I need to use the school’s computers for anything else, I will ask for permission first.
  • I will only use the Internet if a teacher or teaching assistant is in the room with me.
  • I will only delete my own files unless my teacher gives me permission to delete someone else’s.  I will not look at other people’s files without their permission.
  • I will keep my passwords private and tell an adult if I think someone else knows them.  I know that my teacher can change my Starz password if needed.
  • I will only open e-mail attachments from people who I know or an adult has approved.  If I am unsure about an attachment or e-mail, I will ask an adult for help.
  • I will not give my own personal details such as surname, phone number or home address or any other personal details that could be used to identify me, my friends or my family.  If I have to use an online name I will make one up!
  • I will never post photographs or video clips of people I know without permission and never include names with photographs or videos.
  • I will never arrange to meet someone I have only ever previously met online.  It could be dangerous.
  • I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or upsetting.  If I find anything via Internet, e-mail or mobile phone that is upsetting or makes me feel uncomfortable, I will tell a teacher or responsible adult.

I will do my best to follow these rules because I know they are there to keep me and my friends safe.  If I don’t follow these rules, my teacher may:

  • Speak to me about my behaviour.
  • Speak to my parents about my use of technology.
  • Remove me from Starz communities or groups.
  • Turn off my Starz account for a little while or permanently.
  • Not allow me to use laptops / computers to access the internet or particular programmes.
  • Take other action to keep me (and others) safe.

KS1 Acceptable Use Agreement

Think Before You Click!


I will only use the Internet and email with an adult there.




I will only click on icons and links when I know they are safe.



I will only send friendly and polite messages.


If I see something I don’t like on a screen, I will always tell an adult.


Child’s Name:

I have discussed this with my child to explain what is expected of them and so they know what to do if there is an issue