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Wednesday 15th March is 'Favourites Day'!  The usual menu is suspended and instead there is one of the children's favourite meals - as voted by them.  

This week it is Sausages, gravy, creamed potatoes and peas or beans.

To follow there is JAM SPONGE AND CUSTARD!!!  (sorry - I love Jam sponge!)


For those who don't like Jam sponge and custard (really?) there is also a choice of frozen yoghurt or fresh fruit.

If you are in KS1 then all this is FREE! If you are in KS2 then it's only £2.25 for all this yummy food - sausages AND Jam Sponge? What is not to like?

Please encourage your child to join in this favourites day so we can continue to offer these on a regular basis.  No need to order in advance - just decide on the day!