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Marvellous Meatballs!

Thursday - Our first Favourites Day - is Meatballs!

As you may well be aware, in our efforts to make school meals even more exciting for the children we have introduced 'Favourites Days'.  Our first of these days is this Thursday, the 19th of January and it's................


Favourites Days are just that - when the children get their favourite foods.  These have been voted on by every class and taken to school council.  School council met with the catering company and here we are with the first of our favourite meals.

 Please support this day by encouraging your child to have a school dinner.  If this day is popular (as we hope it is) we will be having lots more days with different dishes that the children have voted onto the 'Favourites' list.  

Meatballs will be served with fusilli pasta and a choice of either gravy or tomato sauce. Their is also Lemon Love Cake to follow - this is delicious! -  Viennese sponge with lemon curd.  Rumour has it that here may be a Jam Love Cake as well! Yoghurts and fruit are also available.

We will be bringing you more news soon of ongoing improvements to school dinners.