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Elsie - Therapy Dog

Today we met a new friend - Elsie the therapy dog.

In assembly on Tuesday 3rd July we met a new friend - a very hairy new friend.  It was Elsie the therapy dog.  Elsie will be coming into school on a regular basis to listen to children read.  It's her favourite thing to do - after a nice walk and a dog biscuit!

 Elsie brought Wendy with her - Wendy looks after her and drives her to where she needs to go. We had a question and answer session to find out more about Elsie.  She is a Standard Parti Poodle.  Parti just means she has more than one colour in her coat.   She has a coat that doesn't shed and doesn't cause allergies. She is very well behaved, loves children and will be based in our library when she is here.  Apart from listening to reading she can listen to all sorts of things and is even available for cuddles sometimes as well.  To test out her listening the children sang the school song.  They sang it a bit quieter than normal but Elsie loved it!


After assembly Elsie checked out the Library and the staffroom and a few other places - she seemed to approve.  Looking forward to seeing more of you Elsie!