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Wednesday 27th June saw a rainbow of colours as children came in their sports day gear.

There was a misty start to the day which soon changed to lovely sunshine for sports day.  The children were excited and raring to go - as were most of the staff!


 The event was compered by Mr Hodge who had a little trouble with the PA system.  It didn't work!  He rose to the occasion and very ably carried on regardless!  Well done Mr.Hodge.

Mrs Bonney and Mr Fisher found a suitable vantage point to oversee proceedings and keep track of the scores - in the shade!

 As usual there were 20 stations with several water and shade stops included.  There was traditional egg and spoon, spacehoppers, goal scoring, speed stacking, bean bag balancing and much more.


 At the end there were some traditional running races as well.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  It was hot but the children coped very well with lots of drinks and time in the shade.  

 Of course there had to be a winning team and after much calculation and checking by the adjudicators...

Blue Team were declared the winners! Well done them!

A big thank you to everyone involved - especially Mrs Morton for organising the event.  Special thank you to the SPAR for donating ice lollies.  If you helped in any way consider yourselves thanked!

THANK YOU , thank you, thank you!

 Lots more photos over in the gallery.......