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Year One Playtime Games

All the Year One children One have been increasing their skills at active playtime games.  They travelled to Rackham School to join with other Year One children in playing lots of great games.

Running around games are good because it gives you exercise.                     



Older children explained the rules of the games.

It was so fun. We played fun games.


Some of the games involved chasing round a circle of children such as "Duck, duck goose" and "I sent a letter".

 I was happy when I was running.


This game is called shark attack. The hoops are where the fish are safe.

I learnt new games like the shark game.



The children found "What's the time Mr Wolf?" an exciting game.

I liked the wolf game best.


We all agreed we'd had a fantastic morning and had learnt a lot. The children were talking about trying the games out at playtimes and were also thinking about the health benefits of active games. 

I'm going to play these at my school.

Ethan B

These games keep you fit and sporty.


Thank you to Mrs Falconer for organising the trip and to all the children for behaving so fantastically, being so friendly to children from other schools, and enjoying themselves so much being active.