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Rainbow Walk on Wednesday 24th May

Wednesday the 24th May dawned dry and sunny - maybe a little too sunny?

It was the morning of the Rainbow Walk, organised by FORAS to raise money for equipment for the children - for the outside play area, the wildlife area and lots of other things!

Everyone was dressed in colourful clothing and had put on their sun cream and brought a hat...... well almost everyone.  Sunglasses and shorts were the order of the day and it was a hot one.  Water bottles were carried, refreshments organised and enthusiasm abounded.

The walk meandered along the road and through the orchard, then along to a refreshment stop and onwards down the drove.


Some shoelaces needed attention on the way...  and a few people couldn't possibly avoid the mud now could they?


Also a few very strange characters were seen near the orchard - rumour has it they are zombies? 


Anyway they didn't bother us and we walked on.   Yay! Refreshments!


Well although it was very hot there were hardly any moans or complaints - well not from the children anyway!  Everyone made it! Many thanks to all the helpers -  both on the walk and organising the refreshments, and well done to everyone!

A few more photos in the gallery.