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Autumn Term

This term we were really excited to study the awesome Egyptians and how they shaped the world we live in today. We have already been fascinated by the Ancient Egyptian way of life, including their dependence on the River Nile as a vital water source. From this we have also built Shadufs in Design Technology lessons, as well as model boats using drinking straws (our version of Papyrus reads). We look forward to learning about the amazing pyramids; the process of mummification, egyptian hierarchy and wonderful wall paintings.


In English, we have written some fabulous fables, using our creativity to think up some interesting morals. More recently we have been looking at non-fiction writing and created our own information reports based on different animals. We are now moving on to looking at different forms of poetry and having a go at writing our own poems inspired by Autumn!

In Science we have been studying 'Forces and Magnets.' We have loved the practical sessions in which we get to bring Science to life. We have enjoyed investigating friction on different surfaces and found some surprising results! Now we are looking at magnetism and finding out how magnets can help us in everyday life. We are busy desgining and building our own games using magnetic forces!

Stay tuned for more updates as the year goes on!