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Due to the nature of the roads and traffic in our village, scooting is considered a safer option than cycling. If cycling, please ensure you have considered the nature of the heavy farm and haulage traffic and the junctions on your specific route before permitting your child to cycle unaccompanied.

If your child is coming to school on either a scooter or a bicycle, please consider these important safety points:

  • Ensure your child(ren) walk or ride sensibly and safely on the way to and from school, and remind them to push bicycles and scooters on school grounds;
  • Remind them to get off and push their scooter along a crowded or busy pavement, to avoid knocking into pedestrians;
  • Ensure that bicycles and scooters are roadworthy and properly maintained;
  • Provide your child(ren) with a securely fitting helmet for scooting and cycling;
  • Ensure your child(ren) can be seen by supplying them with high-visibility clothing and lights on bikes.


Monday 27th September to Friday 1st October 2021 was Scoot to School week.

Pupils were encouraged (come rain or shine!) to scoot to school and were given stickers to reward their efforts. Those living further afield were encouraged to park a short distance away from school and scoot the rest of the way. There were also stickers for children who walked or took part in Park and Stride from the various locations around the village (Arkenstall Centre; Recreation Ground; and the Cherry Tree). 

There were lots of fantastic entries to the two competitions which we ran during the week - 
1) to design a fun protective helmet to wear whilst scooting to school; and 2) to create a poster to encourage children to scoot or walk to school as often as possible.

The entries were judged by the Junior Travel Ambassadors and prizes awarded to the winners in each class.