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As our school continues to grow we work flexibly with mixed age group classes to ensure each child experiences a rich and varied curriculum.

Within EYFS and KS1 the classes YrR, Yr1 and Yr2 follow a three year rolling cycle of subject content. Topic plans draw together complementary curriculum elements from most subjects, History, Geography, Science, Art and DT; often literacy texts and genres follow the topic title too and maths also where appropriate.

Children in Key Stage 2 follow two year curriculum cycles. Lower Key Stage 2 have a two year cycle which builds towards the Upper Key Stage 2 two year cycle.

Opportunities are provided at an age appropriate level of attitudes, values and skills progression, whilst ensuring that, each cycle builds on the learning of teh previous years with connection made across subjects as well as through subjects so the knowledge and skills they acquire are consolidated and support future learning.

Individual subject pages may show more specific detail about the content of the taught curriculum.