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Primary School

Pursue Possibilities

Love Learning

The children in our reception classes are very busy little people! Although they may come home and only describe what they had for lunch, the following photographs help to show the different parts of their exciting day at school.

The children come into school and independently put away their own book bags, water bottles and snack pots. We start the day with the date and thinking about what the weather is like outside.

Next, it is time for busy learning! The children can choose from a wide variety of activities or toys to play and explore with. What will we learn today?

Next, some of us are busy working with an adult. We could be doing some super reading, practising our number bonds to 10 or learning about different people from the past!

We love playtime! It's a chance for us to play with the playground equipment, chat to our friends or sit down with a story.

After playtime, we might have a story, a circle time or enjoy counting together.






Just before lunch, we sit down together for our phonics session! We practise our reading and writing by playing games, matching words and sentences with pictures or writing our own sentences for a picture.


We all enjoy our lunch together in the hall!

Our afternoons are very busy too!

At the end of the day, we read our class story book and join in with our rhyme of the week before we collect all of our things to go home. No wonder we are tired!