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Buddies Run The Golden Mile!

Year 6 and Reception children teamed up this week to run the 'Golden Mile' together.

The Golden Mile is a challenge for all the children in the school to walk, jog or run a mile-long course. It aims to inspire and encouage our school community through physical activity with the focus on fun and rewarding personal achievement.  Children are encouraged to do the Golden Mile as many times as they can throughout the year, racking up many miles in the process.  Most of the children now start PE lessons with the Golden Mile challenge, championed by Mrs Falconer, our sports co-ordinator.

The Golden Mile encourages physicality, resilience and reciprocal behaviour and this was very much in evidence when Year 6 children teamed up with their buddies in Reception to encourage and motivate them to complete the challenge.

Personal achievement is foremost in this challenge with children encouraged to improve each time they take part.  Some may start by walking most of the mile building up to running part of it, then all of it.  Some start running all of it and they then have the challenge of improving their time for the mile.  The target is to get under 10 minutes 43 seconds for the challenge.

Luckily the weather was good for the Golden Mile  - but we will run in all weathers anyway! The buddies were all excited to be doing this activity together.  It's a lot of fun running with a partner. 


Everyone really enjoyed the run with lots of smiley faces and everyone trying really hard.  

Although everyone was amazing there were some superstars on the day who finished within the time of 10 minutes and 43 seconds.

Lalita and Emily, Isabella and Grace, Myla and Rhiannon, Noah and Joseph, Mason and Rhiannon, Kieron and Toby, Sherlock and Rory, Sam and William, Owen and Ethan, Humphrey and Rhiana, Harry and Joe and Tyler and Sienna - well done to them!

Thank you to the Year 6's for being so encouraging and helping the Reception children to run their mile - and also for helping them to get changed!

Go over to the gallery to see more photos.