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Voting for the new School Council!

On Monday 25th September the children of Robert Arkenstall voted for their new School Council members.

Every year at about the same time, early in the start of the Autumn term, the voting for the new school council takes place.  School council members have an active voice in a lot of matters to do with the running of the school.  They attend meetings regularly to discuss a variety of matters with staff and report back to their classes.  They also take their classmates opinions and concerns back to these meetings.  Being a council member is a privileged position and is always hotly contested.  Children wanting to be a council member have to present a manifesto to the rest of their class, to let them know what they intend to do to make life even better for them! Every child in the school gets to vote for their class representative - except for Sun class as they have only just arrived in the school!  We let them settle in before giving them challenging tasks such as school council.

We have voting booths and black boxes for the votes.  The children have their names checked on the 'electoral register' and are given a voting slip.  The little ones are given some help in filling in their slips but they make their own choices!


They all know to keep it a secret who they voted for - well most of them anyway!


Some children seemed a little worried by their choices whilst others seemed happy with their decisions. 


All went smoothly and the new school council has been elected!  Well done to everyone.