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The last week of term saw Mary Poppins take to the stage for the KS2 production.

The last week of term saw the KS2 production of 'Mary Poppins' take to the stage in the school hall.  Chimney sweeps, kites, dogs, nannies, servants, bankers, clerks and even a few children were everywhere in school!  Songs could be heard from every classroom.  Costumes, make up, props, scenery and tired adults were lying around the floors and hidden in corners!


The children were amazing – everyone has been astounded by their talent. Two full dress rehearsals and three performances! They worked really hard and pulled off a really fantastic show. Acting, singing, being funny (not easy!), painting the scenery and managing the stage and the props.  Well done to everyone!

Numerous adults helped out as well – if you were one of them then THANK YOU!!  Too numerous to mention but all appreciated. 

A big THANK YOU to our Directors – Mr Fisher and Mrs Maynard – without them this wouldn’t have happened.  Roll on next year!



There will be a DVD of the performance available next term - if you would like one please see the school office.  It will be a classic for years to come....

Lots more photos over in the gallery.....

Many thanks to Ewan Evans for giving up his free time to take the photos for us.