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Year 6 Residential

Year 6 are back from their week away!

Well - the year 6 children have returned from their 'holiday' away at Walnut Tree Manor.  Back in class, eager to work (well some of them are anyway!)  They seem different.......    They have freckles and suntans, they seem taller, more grown up?

Awesome tales have emerged about their exploits!


Overcoming fears of heights and water, working as a team, persevering and having a go at everything!  Awesome stuff year 6!  No wonder they all seem bigger and louder - confidence has grown! 

On the downside, they all now know how to shoot, light fires, use a bow and arrow and tie ropes in numerous ways.............   



They got wet, dirty, covered in mud, flour and undergrowth.  They battled crate climbing, kayaks and cheese sandwiches.  They lost socks, jumpers and track of time. We didn't lose any of them but we do still have a few socks!  


Well done year 6 - you were amazing.   A credit to the school.  Big thanks to all the adults who went and looked after the children - Mr Hodge, Mrs Jaworski, Mrs Wilkerson, Mrs Cowlan and a special mention must go to Mr Hodge for setting off the fire alarm!

Three albums of photos over in the gallery.  Mr Hodge has some more but he can't find his camera - He moved house at the weekend and it's in a box somewhere........

'Which button do I press Mr Hodge?'