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Thank you so much to all those of you who completed a parent view questionnaire at parents evening in October 2015. We are always keen to hear your views and also to see how we can improve our school for the best outcomes for the children in our care. We are also very grateful to the Governor team who helpfully analysed the responses so promptly.

It was extremely pleasing to see the very positive responses from most respondents and also extremely helpful to clarify areas where we can improve. This page details some of the plans for development and communication which we are working towards and we hope will keep you informed of our progress.

Please download the attached documentm, which includes a graph of the results for easy interpretation.

A summary of results is as follows: 

Summary of Reponses from 108 respondents.

A selection of comments both from families we have known for a long time and new comers, from those who are very happy, to those who have questions.

“School very welcoming and always happy to help”

“All my children have thrived and been happy at RA. We are all grateful for the time and effort put into our family's education over many years.”

Would like to receive more information on progress throughout the year so we can spot weaknesses quicker.”

“My children have all settled in to the school very well after arriving in Sept from xxx. Thank you!”

Initial responses 

New Website

One important piece of news, which we are very excited about is the development of this new website, which will enable pupils, parents and staff to share information more easily. We are working to ensure it will make a positive contribution to sharing information advice and resources on subjects from the anti-bullying work we do and how behaviour is managed to homework examples and support materials to help children and parents get the most from home learning logs.

Behaviour and Anti-bullying work

This November we will be reviewing our Anti-bullying policy with the children, led by school councillors. This year they will produce a helpful information leaflet to publish on the website, ensuring everyone has access to good support resources. E-safety remains a high priority and we are booking session for pupils and parents to explore the issues of keeping safe online in the New Year.

In addition our Behaviour Policy will now be reviewed with pupil input on an annual basis ensuring they are closely involved and have ownership of the process for how all members of our community, pupils, staff and volunteers, behave towards each other. 

Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

Our work with the new curriculum and assessment continues as this year is the first year of new years 2 and 6 tests. Information is still be passed to schools via Government and our county advisors. All schools are working hard to ensure pupils are well prepared and that suitable new processes for assessment are being trialled. Staff here are working on new policies for Teaching, Learning and Assessment and following this work we will be communicating with you on what and how frequently we can helpfully share information with pupils and parents.


Part of the review of practice involves homework and many of you will have noticed a clear focus on spelling homework and again you can expect to hear more on how we prepare, provide practise and assess pupils using homework as a tool for them to secure and extend their learning, in due course.

Open door

Always feel welcome to come to talk to us, making an appointment via the school office for longer conversations is helpful for busy teachers, but quick information is always welcome at the start and end of the day.

Education is always an exciting place to be and change is something we all live with. We are extremely fortunate to have a proactive and talented teaching team here and we also are extremely grateful to our very active and supportive parent body who do so much to make this school community a happy and safe place for children to grow as citizens, pursue possibilities and love learning.